Dale Wolford



For the Beginning Saxophone Student:

Now that you are taking your first step in becoming a musician, here are a few things to DO to insure your success.
• DO have a music stand at home
• DO have a metronome (any brand will do)
• DO keep your instrument clean
• DO have all the necessary equipment to take care of your instrument
• DO practice for improvement
• DO have fun by practicing with your friends
• DO NOT share this valuable instrument with your friends
• DO NOT try to repair your instrument

Practicing for Younger Students

If you want to play well you are going to have to practice every day. No one is born with the ability to play an instrument without daily practice. The best players are those who practice the most. The following are suggestions for you to follow:

  1. A daily practice routine is the most important aspect in learning an instrument. Set a time to practice each day, and let nothing interfere with this schedule. Beginners should practice 15-20 minutes per day, intermediate players 30-45, and advanced 45 minutes to 2 hours 5-6 days a week.
  2. When you practice, try to do the things we've discussed in your lesson.
  3. Don't just put in time, practice carefully for results. Thirty minutes of careful practice is better than hours of careless work.
  4. It is fun to play the songs in the book, but don't forget to learn the scales and rhythm exercises. These will help you the most in the future.