Dale Wolford


Due to the Covid pandemic, my students were unable to rehearse or perform at school or during lessons. I decided to put together everyone in "virtual" quartets or duos, recording their parts at home. Here's the wonderful results!

The "West Side Story Quartet"

Selections from "West Side Story" by Leonard Bernstein, arranged by James Boatman

1. "I Feel Pretty"

"Somewhere" (audio-only, but video coming!)
"Cha-Cha" (audio-only, but video coming!)

Soprano saxophone: Ayaka Fujita - 10th grade Homestead High School, Cupertino
Alto saxophone: Eric Tandean - 11th grade, Amador High School, Pleasanton
Tenor saxophone: Harrison Xu - 10th grade, Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon
Baritone saxophone (and video editor): Anthony Qin - 12th grade, Saratoga High School

"Party" by Karen Street

Alto Saxophone 1: Alice Wang, 12th grade, Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto
Alto Saxophone 2: Ankita Deep, 10th grade, James Logan High School, Union City
Alto Saxophone 3: Isaac Lui, 9th grade, Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon
Tenor Saxophone: Dale Wolford

"Speed Reeding" by Lennie Niehaus

Alto Saxophone 1: Yesun Lee, 8th grade, Hopkins Middle School, Fremont
Alto Saxophone 2: Brayden Ye, 9th grade, Amador High School, Pleasanton
Tenor Saxophone: Dale Wolford
Baritone Saxophone: Nathan Danen, 10th grade, Amador High School, Pleasanton

Dueling Saxophones

"Moody" by Greg Fishman
"Fairbanks Court" by Greg Fishman

Tenor Saxophone 1: Nandhan Natarajan, Freshman, UC Santa Barbara
Tenor Saxophone 2: Dale Wolford

Alan Huang

My Cal Berkeley student, Alan Huang, live-streamed his senior recital. If you want to hear a student at the top of his game, Alan, played a challenging and interesting program consisting of solo works, saxophone and tape, as well as saxophone with piano.