Dale Wolford



SJSU Alumni Sax Ensemble Concert

I’m in the midst of setting up an alumni concert for all past San Jose State University Sax Ensemble members. It will be April 10th at 7:30pm. We want to celebrate the great players and teachers who have gone through the SJSU saxophone program over the last 40 years.

Bill Trimble retired 5 years ago and I was fortunate to take over the program. We have been growing, with some excellent players, a large saxophone ensemble, and a very positive atmosphere that reminds me of my own days at SJSU in the 1970’s.

The plan is to rehearse the day of the program, as well as having additional rehearsals on March 23 and April 6 from 7-9pm. There will be opportunities for alumni to participate as a player, composer, arranger, conductor or just to attend the concert and hang out afterward. I plan to include pieces from the past that many alumni have arranged or composed, including the infamous “Shot Down of La Grange” by Brad Barnett (complete with special effects,) and many others.

In addition, we will honor professor emeritus Bill Trimble with a special tribute. I invited Bill to come, but due to health issues, he will be unable to attend. I hope to celebrate his “presence” through some special presentation at the concert.

I have set up a Facebook Event to help communication in advance of the concert. In addition, if you have photos or stories from your time at SJSU that we could share, post them on

Please send me an email at dale.wolford-at- sjsu.edu (replace the -at- with the @ symbol!) if you’ll be attending and we can start communicating with you about the event. Let me know if you want to play or do other things at the concert. In addition, please pass the word to anyone that is an alumni and might want to attend.

I look forward to hearing from you!