Dale Wolford



PSQ - Urban Requiem

The PSQ has been rehearsing with the University of Pacific Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Eric Hammer preparing for our upcoming performance of Michael Colgrass’ “Urban Requiem.”

It’s an amazing piece which is at once spell-binding, moving and fun at the same time.

"`Urban Requiem,' according to Michael Colgrass, `might be described as an urban tale, inspired by a diversity of random impressions. I thought of our urban areas, where the saxophone was spawned, and of the tragedies and struggles that occur in this environment daily. But I was also inspired by the energy and power of our cities and the humor inherent in their conflicts. I feel that the saxophone is particularly well suited to express the variety of emotions required for this idea, because it can be not only highly personal and poignant in character, but also powerful and commanding...In my mind, I heard four saxophones singing in a vocal quartet, a music that was liturgical in nature but with a bluesy overtone, a kind of "after hours" requiem.'

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